My Book World Edition(blue rings) HELP!

I recently was given one off my friend as it wasnt working and said if I fix it I can keep it as he has a new one.

I followed the format process using the mybook format, but I dont get the last part…

7) Put the disk back within the Mybook

8) Boot, the disk will automatically resize the data partition, then reboot

9) at boot, the Mybook will format the drive, this operation can be fvery long, please be patient. (2-3 hours)

you can connect using ssh (root/root) and launch the following command

ps -ef|grep mkfs

if the following line is displayed, then the process is not finished…

/sbin/mkfs.ext3 -j /dev/md4

10 ) when the process is finished, you have access to your public folder and there is a MybookFormat.log file in it .

check this log file for any errors…

Do not copy any data on your disk until you have checked the MybookFormat.log file

Do I just put the harddrive back inside the case then turn it on and just leave it on for 2/3 hours?

If yes, how do I know it has was worked

To my knowledge you cannot reformat the drives on a Blue Ring.   The OS is preinstalled from WD on a  Single drive unit.  Removing the drive and replacing does not do anything.  

Is this a single or dual drive unit and ill research more.

Its a single drive.

Where can I get the OS from?

You cant its an image placed on the drive at the time of assembly.  You will need to contact WD and get an RMA and have it replaced.  Provided it is still under warranty.