My Book World Edition (Blue Rings) dying a slow death

My My Book World Edition is dying!  Well, it lives in a world of limbo.  It works intermittently.  For a time, usually on the order of about an hour, it works perfectly (although it has been “Synchronizing” more often these days).  With no warning, and no clear pattern except for time, it just dies.  What does dying look like?  THe blue rotating ring lights just stop and the drive goes offline.  The fan keeps on spinning and gets louder with time, but the drive is completely inaccessible.  

I cannot figure this out.  I need this thing to keep going.  The drives are formatted in a funky way that makes pulling the data off individually through a SATA to USB converter pretty tough.  And I can’t keep it alive long enough to trnasfer the data off through the network.  I’ve pulled the drives and tested them for faults and they are both clean.

I’m looking for a way to get this thing to stay online, how to repair it, or how to get my data off of this sometimes brick.

Initial Conditions:

  • Firmware is 02.00.19
  • RAID-1
  • Mionet has never been installed
  • WDAnywhere Access off
  • Drive Status: OK or Synchronizing (status does not affect symptoms)
  • All machines are hardwired (the LAN lights on the MY Book World do not light up, EVER.  Even whn it is on line)
  • Laptop is running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit


  • Blue Ring Lights on but unresponsive (almost always frozen mid “swirl”)
  • Inaccessible through file system or web interface


  • Resetting the drive and power cycling both temporarily fix the problem
  • Both drives are healthy. Both were removed and tested independently, neither shows any WD diagnosable problems and passed all Data Lifeguard tests.
  • Network cable and outlet have been tested.
  • Network connectivity has also been tested for all machines on the network

If you have the resources, you could try to remove a drive and mount it on a linux machine (note that any computer can be a linux machine if you install linux on it).  A brief discussion is here: