My Book World Edition 4TB problems

We just purchased the My Book World Edition 4TB.  We have had issues ever since loading the software. Without the software we can’t access the drive.

We are trying to run on two seperate computers both HP laptops one running Win7 one running Vista. Problems began imediatly.

USB ports have stopped working.

The computers will no longer recognize memory cards.

Start up takes in excess of 20 miniutes or not at all, unless we unplug and remove the battery and hard start the computers.

Shutting down takes forever too.

The laptop running Win7 I have scince removed the software and done a system restore and seem to have most of my functions back.

Is anybody else having these problems or does anyone have a solution?

Firmware is up to date, by the way.

’  That. Is. BIZARRE!

’  Obviously it’s can’t be the drive affecting your systems (not if it is a NAS version instead of USB or other connection type) - so it has to be the software. Somehow.

’  I personally have never experiencec or heard of someone experiencing similar issues, so not sure I can help you there…

’  However. I CAN help you to still use your device even without the packaged software!

’  All one has to do is determine what IP address has been assigned to the device and you can then access the management web-frontend with any browser no problem without the additional software. Just point you browser to “http://<ip_address>/index.php”

’ I would suggest that you set static IPs for your NAS device while you go about configuring it - many people have discovered that moving away from using DHCP circumvents a lot of potential problems with the device.

’  Once you’re done with the configuration of things, getting access to the shared folders is a simple process of mapping the shares to a drive-assignment on your PCs - using Windows Explorer. And example (using the Public share) would be to map “\<IP_Address>\Public” to your “Z” drive.

’  Basically everything you might need to do with the NAS device can be done without the packaged software - that software is just a portal of convenience really, not a crucial bit. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response.

We have set up the drive the way you have described. But we cannot seem to uninstal the software! The only thing we installed was the discovery. How do we get rid of it?

It is still causing startup/shut down issues and we are getting error messages such as DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE . Really really frustrating.

SInce I have restored to a previous point before the install the only problem I have now is not being able to start the computer with out a hard start.

The vista computer is not recognizing memory cards or the usb mouse now.

Thanks again for your help.

  Can you describe the symtoms you’re experiencing or messages you’re getting when you try a normal uninstall of the software?

  Additionally. I ran into another post where I saw people talking about the DRIVE POWER STATE issue… This seems to be related specifically (we think?) to the actual drivers installed for these devices to Windows.

  With regards this I have three things for you to try:

  1) Microsoft recently released updated versions of the drivers for these devices on their Windows Auto-Update services. Check this out - see if you can search for, find, install the updated versions.

  2) If Windows is managing the updates for you, then check your update history… It may be that the latest drivers are already installed and that THEY are causing you the trouble. If this is the case, try rolling back to the previous versions.

  3) If all esle fails: Try running with NO device-specifc drivers installed to Windows. I know I myself ran for several months with none installed - as NAS devices your traditional device-drivers are strictly unnecessary - nice to have perhaps, but not truly necessary.

  Get back to us when you get done!

I have just come across your post and I have exactly the same problems, I’m running a HP Laptop with windows VISTA and I have problems with shutting down and USB devices, I have unistalled all the software but still the problem is there

Any ideas its driving me made



Good luck. We have called and talked to WD support and they told us they could do nothing. That it was an isolated incident and basicly we were screwed. Great customer support they have :frowning: Beware soon your laptop will mute and never come out of it. Thats the newest occurance.

The true is, that the problem is in Buggy firmware and in BAD software driver under Windows 7…

Another true is that WD have the worst support I know!

They will talk with you half our on phone about bull…it, hovever they will not help you.

Try to uninstall you WD MBWE from computer, clik right button with mouse on the storage and Uninstall.


If Doesn’t work reinstall the computer a try disable automatic updates for WD SW dirvers.

good luck.

And another problem is that your NAS freezing and when you Switch on or Shut down the computer, the computer try always to access to NAS (when is Mapped  as Network drive), when the NAS is not responding and it’s shucked you have those big problem!

The problem is BAD firmware 1.01.16 or 1.01.18 (Mionet and Twonky).

Try totally disable Twonky and Mionet, NAS will be then OK (not stuck) and you will have no more problems.

Here is the guide.



Yep Uninstalled the driver etc… keeps coming back. When it was gone it did not help. Still have issues.

Did you disable Mionet and Twonky as well?

Not sure how to do that. I followed the previous link you poted and did not understand where to start

I figured it out but I get a message after I type reboot that says it closed unexpectantly

“server unexpectantly closed network connection” is what it said

That was OK, what is the actual situation? How it behave? Is it better?

Computer still we not restart without a hard start. Also speakers will not come off mute. Headphones work currently but I am not holding out hope. I also updated the firmware but of course that did not work either…Beyond frustration here. 

I have made sure to post a review of this on every site I could. So maybe WD will actually start to pay attention to the problem and the people who spend good money on thier products only to end up pissed off!


I have experienced the same problems, just checked for a firmware update, downloaded the new firmware which was release in the last couple of days and all seems to be back to normal, try it and let me know how you get on



Yep I did that. STill screwed up.

Don’t upgrade firmware to version 1.02.04 it si more BUGgy than the version 1.01.18 ! You don’t red the forum?

So now is time for reinstall the computer and when you will have a new clean installation of Windows7 don’t make the same mistake and don’t allow windows to install drivers automatically for WD MBWE II, because this is the main problem.

I had the same problems 3 month ago and this helped me.

Thank you WD for great support and great BAD product!

Using WD products is more complicated than drive a Space ship!