My Book World: Disk OK, Kit defectiv

After a vacation I switched on my My Book World 1TB and everything looks familiar: the net led blinks and the front led illuminated a bit, because I switched it off by configuration.

But the Book is not reachable by net and is not pingable. I even cannot see it in my router.

I opened it and I can see a GPT partition, but I cannot access the data on it.

The device is not jet 2 years old, can the kit been repaired and I can reinstall the disk?

Or, if I lost my warranty by opening the box, can I buy a used one to install my disk in there?

Thanks for an answer. I will have lost only 300GB. Who cares?

Yup warranty is gone

the drive should not be formatted as GPT so make sure you do have the MBW 

repairing  the kit is not an option AFAIK 

I booted Ubuntu on one of my notebooks and have connected the disk via USB adapter.

I can see several partitions and a big one named linux_raid_system.

So there will be no chance getting this data back?

Not even by buying a used My Book World and replacing the disk with mine?

Is there a way to use data recovery tools like ParitionGuru or Ontrack Recovery Home?