My Book World died after 9 months - replacement reports incorrect model and reduced warranty!

My 2 TB My Book World (white lights) completely failed after only 9 months.  I checked the warranty online which told me it ran out in June 2013.  I received my replacement so I checked the warranty online to find that:

a) the serial number reports the unit not as a NAS but an external 2 TB dive!

b) The warranty runs out in December 2012, less than the old NAS and not March 2014 as I would expect.

I have emailed WD but I have yet to receive a meaningful reply - just auto responses so far.

I’m sure that as the NAS was only 9 months old it should be replaced with a new one with a full three year warranty.

I believe you should implicate all that you said in your next email plus add a proof of purchase.

I heard from somewhere that the warranty goes by the manufacturing date of the unit. Since its impossible for wd to know where you purchased the unit or when. The Only way to update that warranty is to send them a proof of purchase. 

That all a free process. So in your next email send them a Proof of purchase and guaranteed the warranty will be updated smoothly. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.  I got this from WD today.

“The warranty of your replacement Drive will have the same warranty as your original Drive as soon as the RMA is done.
We would recommend you to send the original defective Drive on time to our Swap centre. After the RMA is closed the warranty adjust to the right date.”

I have returned the defective NAS drive today so I will see what happens when they receive it!