My Book World backup programs for win 10 - WD Anywhere Backup won't work on Win 10

Hello everyone,
Up until now I have been using the WD Anywhere Backup software that came with my My Book World network attached drive to back up my computers. I recently updated to Windows 10 and found that the WD Anywhere Backup Software won’t run on windows 10. I have tried various Compability settings to no avail. I have posted my issue in the software section of the forum, but have not received much response. The response that I received seemed to confirm that the software will not work with windows 10.

So my question is… What are any of you who have the MY Book World using to run backups? I really like the way that the WD Anywhere Backup would do ongoing realtime incremental backups. So I am looking for something that will do that and work with Win 10 and with the My Book World network attached drive. 

It would be great if someone has figured a workaround for the WD Anywhere Backup… As I am sure that it is simply some setting. But if not then a good inexpensive alternative would be greatly appreciated.

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Hope some of the users with My Book World can share some information about it.

I have the same problem.  I have looked through the WDC site and haven’t found an update for Windows 10 (or Windows 8, for that matter).  Can someone from the company advise how we should use the My Book World NAS device to back up our Windows 10 PCs?  Is there a different backup program that works with the My Book World device?

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I have the same problem.
I use My book world edition only for laptop backup. Is there a solution or should I just throw in the trash that device?
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I have not yet found a solution that I like for my Backups.
But certainly wouldnt throw it away. The MyBook World Still works as a network attached storage device.

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See my recent post on ‘Upgrades to run on Windows 10?’

I have found the upgraded program on the Memeo site.