My book world 2tb. xbox 360, & wd anywhere problems

Hi, just bought one of these drives, & i have a couple of problems.
We have Windows 7 home premium 64bit.
First problem, we can view all the data on the wd, on other pcs, wireless & wired, so they are all on the network, but when i try to view music pictures etc, on the xbox 360 it says no data, although the wd shows up on the xbox 360.

Second problem, WD anywhere back up has backed up my data o.k, but when i try view & restore, it says cannot run under this version of windows.
Any one know a way of getting around this, or should i send the drive back for a refund.

Read this forum and make your own opinion.

I made the second choice.

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You are basicly saying send it gack in so many words, i have come to that conclusion myself too.

Any ideas on what NAS will work fully with WINDOWS 7 64BIT, XBOX 360 etc.

Thanks for your help.

Choose one


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Thanks for you help, the WD is on its way back to Amazon, for a refund.

I will do some research on the sites you suggested, i am also looking at windows based  servers.