My Book World 1TB White light is slow


I recently purchased a WD My Book World 1TB White light.

But I can’t get any transfers above 15Mb/s . I checked my network connections  and they are all running on 1GB/s. So the transferrate should be much higher.

Any ideas?

Those sound like really good transfer speeds for any network drive. You have to remeber that even with a gigabit connection, you need to take into account your routers capacity, other bandwidth on the network, and overhead. Most NAS drives won’t get more than 5-10MB/sec on a good day.

I have the same problem.  My downloads from the internet are way faster than I can write to this drive, which is totally unacceptable.  I wish I had done some more research on it before I bought one.

The limit comes from the NAS hardware itself.

I find it quite slow too. Nowadays, USB external drives make much better.

It is worth the pain to build some little cheap hardware to make a NAS, ever FreeNAS can be installed easily.

Make sure you assign the Static IP address and also update the Firmware to the Latest.

In the meantime the disk completly stopped working so I had it replaced by a WD Mybook 2TB raid