My Book - The User Interface is NOT GOOD!

I just posted a note and the subject line got modified by their system…

I’m reposting it.

I sent an email off to WD to make some recommendations.

Their response was that I should join the WD Community to express my concerns.

So Here Are My Concerns…

Your user interface for “My Book Essentials” is not good.
I never know if it is running or not. T

here is no ‘progress bar’ to show completion.

It just seems to do nothing! I would recommend a change to the interface to that users know if it is working or not.

Right now it seems like an ‘idle process’.

Nothing ever seems to be completed.

This is not a very comfortable feeling for a backup solution.

Nothing ever seems to change on the screen.

I would feel much better if I saw something happening… like a progress bar showing % of completion.

The current screen shots are ‘lack luster’ and don’t make me feel like anything is being done!

This should be an easy fix!

Looking foward to seeing something a little more ‘comforting’ for a backup solution.

Yes… I heard from them…

Their recommendation was that I post my concern on the Community Blog.

It appears as though they pay more attention to this form of communication vs. a direct email.

Oh well… I will wait to see if any impovements happen.

If not… I will choose another manufacturers hard drive backup solution for my next purchase.

What was the exact issue you were having we here in the community are here to help each other