My Book Studio - PCB replacement needed

I have My Book Studio 3TB external hard drive (WDBC3G0030HAL-00) that failed to start, the disc would not spin. A longer explanation of the problem is below, but one solution is to replace the PCB. The serial number of my PCB is: 4061-705083-004 Rev AB. My question is: how much of this serial number will I need to find a matching part for? The entire number or the first part of the number? Also, does anyone have any recommendations for finding replacement parts? An image of my PCB is below (along with more information and my original question about the diode.)

I heard about a device that might help me power it on from Kingwin so I replaced the connector board with it. (SATA to USB connector and and SATA to power plug power connector.) After attaching the Kingwin device the disc did spin, but the data was not readable by my MAC. (The external hard drive is formatted for Extended Journaled Mac OS.) From what I understand I need to have the original (or a similar replacement) PCB connector board attached to the external hard drive so the data can be readable. So, my theory, since the disc does spin, is that a power surge shorted out the TVS diode(s). From all that I’ve read it seems that if I could locate the shorted diode and remove it, there is a chance I will be able to read the data on the external hard drive (so I can copy it). Alternatively it would be even better to be able to replace the fried diode so I could safely use the external hard drive again, but I’d be happy enough to just retrieve the data and dispose of the device.

I’ve tried to figure out on my own where the diodes are on my PCB connector board by reading the page posted by fzabkar (I’ve posted that link below), but I wasn’t able to figure it out so I’m posting an image here in case someone is able to help me.

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I have never tried this since this would void the warranty of the drive. Lets see if another user has tried this and can share some ideas with us.

Please note that attempting data recovery without experience may damage the drive even more and may cause the data to be irrecoverable. I always recommend contacting a data recovery company.

Thank you Hamlet! I appreciate your response. I’ve had the drive for at least 5 years and so I’m not worried about voiding the warranty;) I’ve read a lot of instances on the internet where the diode has overloaded and shorted out and when it is removed the drive is readable again. The risk is: without the diode, if there is another power surge, the drive will not be protected. But I have no idea where the TVS diode is on my PCB. If anyone has any ideas where it might be I would appreciate it. I’ve uploaded an image of the PCB above. Many thanks, Rick