My Book Studio II Stopped Mounting

Yesterday my finder stopped loading for, so I assumed it was my External Hard-drive for some reason so unplugged it from the power chord idiotically and now Its not mounting and can’t be found on the disk utility. It shows full light at the front but just whurrs when powered up… If someone could give me some pointers that would be much appreciated. I have turned it on and off a few times along with re-plugging the fire wire in and out of the fire-wire port of the imac.

Thanks Again 


When you unplugged the drive in that way you must likely corrupted the partition.

Try with usb or another firewire as a last resort.

yay my hard-drive is working via usb :smiley: as I was trying to connect via fire-wire before. Could there be a reason why my fire-wire isn’t working or I have a drivers issue? Thanks Fabian

well… could be a bad cable or lack of drivers…

try downloading the Turbo Drivers