My Book Studio II_Replacing HD & RAID Rebuild Problem

Hi All,

I bought “My Book Studio II”, and it is mainly for storing my work files at home taken from my office. It is using RAID 1, so I thought it should be safer. 

I tried the followings to test the drive work probably with RAID 1, but no luck.

  • Taking Slot A WD HD out, and install this hard drive into another 3.5" HD enclosure.

  • Copy a file into Slot A WD HD.

  • Put Slot A WD HD back to the “My Book Studio II”, without connecting the computer.

  • Switch on the “My Book Studio II”, and let it rebuild RAID.

  • Connect “My Book Studio II” to my computer when the LED glow steadily after around 5 hours.

I found the files I copied before were lost after RAID rebuild. How RAID 1 exactly work? It might be happen when one drive failed, and replace a drive, then rebuild RAID, and losing files?

Any steps I was missing? Your helps or experience are very appreciate. Thank you.

Any ideas?