My Book Studio II 4TB wiped itself

Drive has been working perfectly for a few years. It’s set up in raid 1 so only 2tb made available to use (the other 2 as a backup I understand).

today when I open the drive to browse the files they’re gone. It shows 0 files, 2TB available. There was 1.8TB of movies and music on it previously. 

There arFiles issues mounting the drive, it shows up perfectly. I have not formatted it. I used Stella Phoneix Mac Data Recovery but that doesn’t show up the files I want. 

How do I check the second drive to recover the files?

please help I’d be devasted if I’ve lost all that data collected over years!!


Hello, since you were using RAID 1, one of the internal hard drives should still have your files, you can try taking one out and then connecting it directly to the Mac.