My Book Studio failed to start

It happens for me yeasterday for the second time that when I connect to my MacBook through fireware 800 it doesnt start at all. I tryied also connect to the USB but the same. Only after a large time it connect but I dont know what happens. For the record, before that the External drive was connected to my Airport Extreme router through a usb hub. I would like to know for the next time how can I started the device to be connected. 

Thanks in advance for any help

Josef :smiley:

Try to check if it starts when you connect it directly to your computer with nothing in between and see if it helps, performance is expected to decrease when using mediators in the connection.

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I have tried as your advice and nothing. But after I try to plug the power directly to the wall and then it started to work. Before it was plugged to a stripe but now it is again plagued to the same power strip and it works. My second question is, how to force the restart of the hard disk connection in case it stops to work?.

Any way thanks for your help