My Book Studio Edition II WD Drive manager icon not present when using eSATA

I have a DELL XPS 8300 PC running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.  My external drive (My Book Studio Edition II) is working fine except for one issue.  When I have it connected via one of the USB 2.0 ports I can see the WD Drive Manager icon in the notification area at the far right of the Windows taskbar.  When I connect it via the eSATA port the icon does not appear. This means if I ever need to manage the external drive, say alter the RAID configuration, I have to move it to a USB port so I can open up the WD Drive Manager application.  Other than that the device works fine when I leave it connected to the eSATA port.  I’m wondering if something is preventing the WD Drive manager from running while it’s on the eSATA port.  I tried to run the application manually by opening up WdRAIDMgrUI.exe.  When the application runs the list of devices is empty and has in it’s place the message “No Devices Found”.  Yet as I said before the device is working fine on eSATA and I can use Windows Explorer to view, create, copy and delete files on it.  So, can someone confirm the WD Drive Manager icon is supposed to appear when the external drive is connected to the eSATA port on a PC running the same or similar configuration as my PC?

That’s normal, the WDDM only works on USB.