My Book Studio Edition II, 3MB/s file transfer but 80MB/s in HDTune

Hello, I have My Book Studio Edition II, SMART tests are okay, HDTune indicates nothing unusual. The drive is okay, its something to do the W7Pro HP 32bit laptop and its Samsung Hybrid Drive. The file transfer speed starts at 80MB/s and rapidly drops off to <3MB/s in about 20 secsonds. It makes no difference whether I attempt to transfer 1x 60Gb file or a folder containing 1000 MP3s, the effect is the same. It is connected via SATA, the problem is the same for Firewire and USB, although the starting speed is respectively slower. File transfers to a USB memory stick are acceptable, although not great. The drive works very perfectly when connect to a different laptop. I have updated the Intel drivers and BIOS, updated the WD firmware. I have returned all the services to default. I have uninstalled old software. Better Peformance and Write Caching are enabled. What can be causing this behaviour? Cheers in advance


It’s hard to tell what might be the issue since the unit is working on a different laptop.

Did you tried updating the ESata ports drivers? 

Make sure you dont have a firewall trying to block the connection? 

If stills the same after trying checking those steps, contact WD Support for direct assistance.

WD Contact info: .

Thanks for the reply, as I said, its not the drive. its a transfer problem and the issue is with the laptop. I was hoping the symptoms were recognisable to the WD community. Both laptops are identical HP Probooks, except one is 64bit and an SSD and the problem one is 32bit with a Hybrid drive. I have updated everything that can be updated from the Intel and HP sites. Its driving me bananas, the laptop display no other symptoms, its abit slow to boot, but it behaves okay with Office2010 and the network in a normal working day.