My Book Studio 3.0 and Mavericks

I’ve received the email for the Smartware and Drive Manager for osx 10.9, but I never installed them when I set the drive up.  Do I need to install these to be safe or what should I do?  I haven’t transferred anything to the drive since the initial news came out.  I’ve just read from the drive and everything seems OK as I don’t have the two bits of software.  Also, I’ve never done a firmware update on the drive.  Should I?  I was too scared to lose all my data.  It’s filled with years of mp3 and mp4 downloads as it is my dj hard drive.  

Hi, can you verify if you are referring to the model on the following link?

yes, that is the one.

Hi again, sorry for the delay, you should be able to install the software update, but some users are reporting problems when updating the firmware update, so avoid doing that one for now. 

Do I have to install it?  What will happen if I don’t?