My Book Studio 2TB No power button

Is there a way I can activate this version that is without a power button when I need to read the drive after I ejected it before? Seems like I can’t find the power button and pulling out the power cord and replugging it back in sounds dangerous and doesn’t seem like a sound solution.

This is the one where there is only a small blip of light at the front of the console and the whole drive is in metal.

I couldnt find any instructions on how to restart it, other than replugging power, or restarting my Mac.


The My Book Studio does not have a power bottom, the unit will turn off automatically when you turn off your computer. Otherwise after you eject your drive, you will need to disconnect the power source from the unit.

Is there a way to turn off the light when my computer is off? I really don’t find the light necessary…

My 500GB Elements doesn’t switch off when I turn my computrer off either. I have to crawl under the desk and unplug it. Since it’s a transformer not a standard plug, it chews up two spaces on the power bar and it’s hard to get hold of too, having smooth sides with nop grip indent like plugs do.

I too wish the unit worked as advertised by WD, that it “turns on when your computer turns on and turns off when it turns off”.

I have never bought any hardware that doesn’t have a power button, especially ones that don’t switch off. It doesn’t count other drives which run USB and powered from USB cord as those switch off when they are essentially unplugged or ejected.

What is the point of having a sleep light indicator on a hard drive, slowly flashing when I know its turned off altogether? I wonder what was going through WD designers at the time. Its unneccesary, waste of power. 

For my other  WD hard drives with power button (previous generations), I have to switch off the hard drive manually after I shut down my laptop. This is fine however, even when the drive is completely off, there is still evident heat in the machine when you put your hands on it (after 10 hours being off) so it still uses power. This is such an unbelievable design. Having to switch the main power on the power plug at the end of everyday is just not very user friendly.