My Book Pro: RAID 0 or JBOD? - Need more space

Hello, I am a camera man and archive all my video. I recently got my 4th “My Book Pro” because the other three devices (currently Raid1) are about to run out of space. That said, Raid1 is getting too expensive for me because of reducing the space by half and consequently the need of buying more HDD. Therefore, I decided to double the capacities and skip safety over efficiency. Besides Raid1 the WD Utility Tool offers two options: Raid0 (stripped, fast, one petition for 2 HDD) or JBOD (unstripped, half speed, two petitions for 2 HDD). Questions:

What do you recommend?
What’s less risk? Any other options?
Any efficient backup advises?

Thanks in advance for any kind of feedback or advise.


Hello jenzee,

The only safe option for backup is RAID 1. Because in any other RAID setup there will be no data redundancy and have more chances of losing data.

You may use WD Smartware software for backup in this drive.


I am aware about this.
The question is if you recommend Raid0 or Jbod.

Hi jenzee ,

So, basically RAID 0 is performance oriented. However, in RAID 0 there will not be any redundancy. In JBOD, you will be able to utilize all the capacity of the drive. If you are not worried about the backup of the data , then you can go for RAID 0.