My Book Premium Edition II replacement drive compatibility

I need to replace a dead drive in my Premium Edition II. The original drives are WD5000AAVS and I would like to replace the bad one with a WD5000AADS since it’s more available and lower cost. They are both Caviar Green and the only difference I can see in the datasheet is that the AADS has a larger cache (32MB vs 8MB). I wouldn’t expect this to matter but I’d like to be sure before ordering it. Does anyone know if this is compatible with the controller? I’m willing to replace both drives if that makes a difference. I cannot find a list of compatible replacement drives on the WD website. 

You will not find such a list

normally getting the same model is the way to go

however,  other users here have been able to use different models with no problem

it’s a matter of trial and error

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I replaced the bad drive with the exact model number as the original (WD5000AAVS) and it’s working again.