My Book Premium Edition II Disk "B" Stuck in Caddy


I have a My Book Premium Edition II. Disk “B” has failed. I can remove Disk “A” just fine, but “B” is stuck within the drive cage.

I am using the procedure outlined here

Any thoughts?

Has the enclosure been dropped?

You will need to carefully maneuver the drive out

there are no other instructions besides the one you just followed from the website

No, this enclosure has never been dropped. It has been absolutely pampered its entire life by me, and I am the first and only owner.

Were it the case that it had been dropped, I’d understand the mechanics of the situation and, therefore, why the cage could be warped. As it is, it’s puzzling to me.

I suspect the next step is to un-gracefully pull it out with pliars. I can think of no other means by which the drive could come out, as it is unlocked and slides freely up to a certain point. I have also removed the side fan, thinking its rubber posts might be in the way (they were not).

I have the exact same situation. 

Noticed the unit (MyBook WOrld Edition II) was flashing last night and when I looked it up sure enough one of the drives had failed.  The drive that had failed was HDD2 in the config menu, which I assume is Drive B.  When I tried to remove it from the enclosure to check the serial number it will not even budge! As with the OP this drive has not been dropped, never even stored on its side.  Drive A come out just fine!

I need to get the drive out to get hte serial number to submit a warranty claim for the failed drive.  

Any ideas?

I was hoping there would be a better response here for you, so I left the thread alone for a couple days.

Unfortunately for me, and probably for you as well, this turned out to be a build-quality issue. I believe the drive cage was warped on shipment or became warped over time from typical operating drive temperature.

Here’s what I did; remember, my drive and disk pack were out of warranty, so there was little concern about marring the finish of a drive. I grabbed the metal part of the drive (a metal “lip” perpendicular to the long-edge of the drive) with pliers and pulled. I had to exert considerable force on the drive, but it suddenly “gave” as it slid past a high-spot within the drive cage. After this high-spot, the drive pulled freely clear.

Be very, very, very careful in doing this. Unfinished metal edges can easily cut your hand open. I’ve been around computers for a LONG time, and am careful, but the possibility of opening one’s hand up on sheet metal remains.

The plastic rails were very slightly scuffed, demonstrating the gripping force with which the drive cage held disk “B.”

I replaced the drive and it slid in easily for the most part, getting hung up on the high-point within the drive caddy.

My dead hard drive bears very minor marks on its metal lip.

Were I in your position, I would do two things here:

  1. Ask for an RMA cross-ship. You don’t want to wait any longer than you absolutely MUST to get at your data! WD will take a credit card number, ship you a new drive, and then bill you if your old drive isn’t returned within XX days (I think 14 or 30, but I last did this years ago).
  2. Advise the RMA folks at WD about this issue–there WILL be a mark on the metal lip of the hard disk drive!! The warranty sticker and other stickers should remain intact, so it will be obvious that the drive was not opened. 

I would advise #2 in writing with the RMA department, and ask them their advice on drive removal. Offer my solution as a working one (on a WD MyBook Premium II), but hope for a better one. 

I sincerely wish you the best of luck in this. You’ll need to remove the drive for its serial number, but I’d not do this until you have, in writing, alerted WD to the fact you cannot remove the drive by its plastic rails.