My Book & My Passport - cannot access recordings saved from Dish network receiver

I was moving from another state and Dish talked me into not moving the receiver but to get the Hopper and other equipment. The Dish account I had was under my deceased common law husband’s name. I bought both the My Book and My Passport and downloaded the movies and specials that my common law husband recorded on two receivers that we watched together and I want desperately to be able to watch since I have moved.  After I got moved the new Dish receivers will not recognize the moves and shows.  Dish said it is a copywrite issue because I had a different account. Dish never mentioned the fact that the account had to be the same and I have spent over $200 on these two hard drives.  What I want to know: Is there any way to be able to download these movies and tv specials that are now on these two hard drives that I cannot access.  I only want the material that I was told I could keep…I don’t want to pirate shows to pass on to others. I think I deserve at least a one-time download of these shows to my current receiver as I was told by Dish Network in the very beginning.  Can anyone help me with this. Is there anyway to download them to a different device, Cloud, or anything so I can watch these movies/specials. I feel Dish should allow this onetime exemption for me but was searching for any info I can get from Western Digital if they can download them for me somehow if I can’t get Dish to do it.

Hi Mary, sorry for your loss. Unfortunately since this is a copywrite issue, there is no way to play the files on another receiver, I recommend you to contact Dish again to receive help on this.

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I will try this…calling Dish…I’ll post my results. Thanks!!

Mt sympathy for your loss Mary.

When you call, do it in the morning and for a supervisor in Technical support. Be firm about this point. Under copywrite law you can record the program for your own enjoyment. Tranfering the movies to a cloud will not change the personal enjoyment. If that were the case, you couldn’t record it in the first place.

I have gotten advice from one person and told the opposite later from another indivual. Good luck! .