MY book mounts really slowly

I re-formatted My Book 8TB to NTFS on my Windows 10 HP laptop when the drive was new. When I plug it into the same laptop the drive mounts almost instantly. It does the same on my Raspberry Pi 3 also.

When I plug it into my Windows 7 desktop, Asus P8P67 LE motherboard, it takes several minutes to mount and then when I try to open the drive to view the contents, it takes minutes again to see the content. After that everything is fast. The “Computer” window has a green bar at the top going from left to right. When it reaches the right, the contents are visible.

If I boot with the drive plugged in, the screen goes blank until the process is complete and the drive is visible and usable when the boot is done.

Why only on this machine? What can I do to make it load right away?


You are switch from a HP Windows 10 to Asus Windows 7! Check for latest drivers on the W 7.


I checked using “update driver” in Device manager and the drivers are up to date.

I also checked the drive on an HP desktop computer. It also has the latest drivers and Win7. Mounting also takes a long time on the HP desktop.

Normally, it would takes about 10-15 seconds to spin up the drive. It is also depend on the USB connection speed. USB3 port normally color in blue as USB2 port is black.