My Book Mac USB3 Freezing my 2013 MacPro

I purchased a My Book Mac 3TB to compliment my new 2013 MacPro since it has limited internal storage.

I noticed that I have periodic freezes when there’s access to the My Book, the whole computer freezes.

I have to reboot the whole computer for it to restart.

I have another external hard drive with an SSD that I’ve mounted my ~/ home folder to, which gets much more R/W access than the My Book over USB3 also.

I thought it may be a problem with USB3 but the other drive works flawlessly.

I’m asking for help on the forum before I scrap this drive , post my experience with WD My Book Mac on Amazon Reveiews , and purchase an different manufacturers external hard drive.

Hi, sorry to hear about your problem. Have you tried some of the basic troubleshooting steps like using another USB cable or connecting the My Book to another PC? Your issue seem to be related to a data corruption problem, note that this can happen for several reasons such as power outages, accidental physical damage, internal component failure, and computer viruses, just to name a few. 

You can also try to contact tech support directly for direct help on this.