My Book Live with Smartware - no writable partition found

I have been using My Book Live for some time, and use the Smartware for continuous backups of certain files on my computer.  When I checked it recently I saw the error “no writable partition found” for the My Book Live drive.  

For the My Book Live side of troubleshooting I’ve performed a reboot, checked for firmware updates, and finally did a full factory restore.  For the software side, I’ve uninstalled everything and started fresh with new installs from the WD site.  I still get the error “no writable partition” found when trying to use the Smartware software.  However if open “my network” and go to the drive directly I can still drag and drop files to it with no problem.  While this works for just storage, it does not serve the purpose I had when purchasing this device.  I want something to continuously update and backup the designated files.

I’ve read plenty of “no writable partition” threads, but have not found a solution that fixes the problem.  Thank you for any help you can provide.


I just wanted to update with the solution to my problem.  Tech support got back to me and one of the items to check was that my computer was up to date with all updates.  I rolled my eyes but checked anyway and discovered our computer had not updated in several months.  The auto-updater had become corrupt and I had to follow microsoft steps to make some changes in the registry before it was working again.  After it installed 40 missed updates I am happy to report SmartWare is once again functioning as it should.



Thank you for sharing the solution to your Smartware issue. I am sure it will help other users.