My Book Live & Windows 10

I just purchased a Dell desktop with Windows 10 installed on it. When I try to connect my MyBook Live (purchased originally in 2012 and connected successfully to several devices with Windows 7 installed) it doesn’t appear. I’ve had to switch on my Windows 10 computer’s network discovery, so I see the My Book Live on my network but I can NOT map the files to my computer and hence cannot read the files. Any suggestions?

Is this issue because of Windows 10?

Is My Book Live a legacy product? If so, what is the current product name?

Hello hankavocado,

My book live device is compatible to be used with Windows 10 system. You should not face any issues using it. Also, windows network discovery do needs to be turned on Windows 10 to use the My book device with your computer.

Please follow the below link to enable the NetBios Over TCP on your windows computer to overcome the mapping issue:

Please follow the below link to know how can you map your shares on your windows computer:

Within that second article if you follow the various links you come to a section stating:

Windows Network Discovery
Ensure Public and Private Windows Network Discovery is Turned On
Please refer to Answer ID 18218 Enabling Windows Network Discovery

Be aware that turning on Network Discovery for a public network connection is a security risk. And you probably do not need to since these instructions are for enabling access to a NAS on your LAN - a private network. It is more safe to enable Network Discover only on a private network interface.

Just be aware that on some very rare occasions - such as if you get a new router - Windows will redefine your network connection as Public and you will have to got through this enabling process again.

I appreciate this is an old thread but I had the same issues, turned out the Workstation service on windows was not starting as there was an issue, to fix do the following:

Goto ->


On the right there should be a “DependOnService” and “DependOnGroup”, delete these 2 and reboot.

Problem solved.