My Book Live Twonky Issues

I hope this is not a repost but I searched everywhere for a solution and havent found any. So I have twonky in my wd my book live 3tb. It says enabled in the webui, I checked twonky at port 9000 it says working fine. i thought upgrading it will help… even that hasnt helped (upgraded to version 7). and i still dont detect the twonky dlna. wd is connected to the router as wired and my laptop and sony tv through wireless.

the only dlna my tv recognizes is my laptop. i have a verizon router (new one forgot the model name but supports b,g,n). i tried manually to create a firewall rule in my router to allow transfer from mybooklive:9000 to all devices. still not working… any suggestions?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hard to tell… You are doing everything the way it should be… 

How did you updated the twonky on the unit?