My Book Live -- Stream to Apple TV 2?

Has anyone attempted to load the MyBook Live with .mp4 movies and video and stream via iTunes to Apple TV 2 and play the movies on a TV? Can’t find any product info that refers to this.

I thunk you should contact Apple for this one, but if the ATV supports DLNA or network shares then it could be done directly without iTunes.

Yes, you can play movies ( mp4s) via iTunes streamed to the apple tv2.

I have my movies stored on the MBL. I mounted Public on the Mac and turned *off* the
“Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library” option
under the advanced tab of the iTunes preferences dialog.

You can then add the videos to the iTunes library by dragging them to the iTunes icon.

When you want to play the videos make sure that Public is mounted, set the output to Apple TV and
Double click the desired video in iTunes.

Or even easier, make sure home sharing is on for the Mac and the apple tv2 is on, start iTunes,turn on
The Apple TV2 and select the computers tab on the apple tv2.

Select your Mac and then select the video you want to watch and enjoy.