My Book live slower on PC than Tablet

Hello, I’ve been reading through many of the posts here. I have a 2TB version of the My Book Live and so far lilke it a lot.

The unit is on my AT&T U-verse at home, hard wired into a 1GB router.  File transfers at home, whether from wifi or wired computers if plenty fast.

When I am at my office, accessing it remotely, it seems slower on the PC than it doea my tablet.

In other words, I was able to use my android tablet and download a 1.5MB file in about 7 seconds, which was fine, considering the upload speed of U-Verse. However, when I try and download this same 1.5MB file on my PC, while on the same network, it takes about double, 15 seconds. (consistently, with various files)

Is this because of connecting through a browser and opening the My Book Live as a drive letter in Explorer? Is this because of a difference in accessing the drive between the android app and Windows 7 through a browser? Does anyone know of a faster way to connect that may eliminate this bottleneck?

Wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Thank you!

Do you have a firewall and/or virus/trojan/bot checker on the tablet?

I’ve found doing things in win7 is getting slower & slower with the latest security “fixes” & defender profiles & the ms security “essentials”.

Eventually, it may become as bad as delays going thru the airport security to board a plane.

On Windows/Mac computer WD2go using WEBDav technology. On the tablets, it is more of a direct connection, so it will be faster on a tablet.

Is it possible to use something like FTP or some other protocol to speed the PC portion up?