My Book Live Sharing Function - Trying To Understand

Hi there, I have a My Book Live up and running. Backed up my computer and set up shares. Moved folders into share that I wanted remote access to. Am just now realizing, however, that these shares do not update. Is that correct? If so, aside from size, I’m not sure what makes this any better than carrying around a flash drive if I have to constantly update the share folder every time I change something.

If this is all correct, then what is the best way to frequently update the share folders? Copying the files each time seems very cumbersome and time consuming, having to deal with duplicate file names, sharing, and many gigabytes, etc. Is there ANY way to arrange things so that changes I make will be reflected in the share folders?

The backup you create using Smartware will be hidden and is not possible to access it remotely. You can look for a sync program that works on NAS and saves the files in one of the shared folders.

Certainly for Mac GoodSync is a great bit of software.  I no longer save any work on our Laptop, I have the shares mapped as drives on the Lappy, access work from them, save back to them, whence GoodSync takes over and syncs any files from the NAS to my iMac and vice versa - job sorted. :smiley: