My Book Live Setup Software Crashes

I have a Two (2) Terabyte MBL Drive. I had purchased it for my wife to use as a Timemachine backup sometime ago. It worked well on and off for some time, not perfect but good enough.

Forward 9 months ago and we moved to new home and now have a different Timemachine back up drive for wife so she no longer needs MBL drive for Timemachine. I had installed the software on her computer to set up the drive as a cloud drive but never used it. Only used for Timemachine backup.

I am on a Windows 7 machine and I am trying to use the drive as just another storage drive on the network. I have plugged it in and I can see the drive on the network and I can see folders and her old Timemachine backups. I want to clear the drive back to factory setting but I cannot seem to do it. I have tried installing the MBL software setup on my Windows 7 machine but each and every time I try to run the software it crashes. It locates the drives and crashes, it loads the agree to terms and conditions screen and it crashes.

I cannot even seem to be able to log in to the drives dashboard because I cannot for the life of me remember how to get into it. I have tried locating it via the IP address on my network and nothing connects. I do not want to use it for any other reason then just to have it as another drive on our network maybe to share pictures and videos.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Resolved issue! Thanks!

Hello and welcome to the community,

Can you please post the solution to your issue? this might help other user’s with the same or similar issues.