My Book Live sending wrong id3 info?


I just set up the My Book Live on the network and put a bunch of music on it.  I noticed that, when I open the shared library being served by the drive using iTunes, the artists are all wrong.  Instead of showing the artist tag, it’s showing the composer tag…

Is anyone else having this issue?  Any ideas for a fix?



That is odd… What filetypes are the songs? Where did they originiate?

I have about 30,000 songs, and the drive is only detecting about 20,000 or so.

The weird thing is, some albums have the same type of file and WMP12 only detects some off of the same album!, and everytime I restart it has to resync with wmp12.

How is the media server ability working for everyone else and what programs are they using?

I haven’t tried Itunes, i don’t really kike the program but if I must I may install it.