My Book Live - Retrieving data from My Book Live which was saved by PC 1 on PC2


Got 4 PC at home, PC1, PC2, PC3 and PC4.

I also have a 2TB My Book Live unit on the network.

Each of the 4 PC have SmartWare installed and for each a categorized backup was done to the My Book Live.

On each PC, no problem to use the Retrieve tab to do a “Retrieve to content  folder” “Some files”, it works fine.

Now, if I want from PC2 to retrieve a file that was backed up from PC1 (or any other PC than PC2), I just can’t because SmartWare will only show me the data backup belonging to PC2 in the Retrieve screen !!!

If I use the Dashboard, Backup menu, I can verify that I do have distinct backups for PC1, PC2, PC3 and PC4, so I know they are all here.

I just can’t find a way to retrive data other than the one which was saved on the same PC. This is a problem because my 4 kids use any of the 4 PC anytime and I wanted to use the automatic backup function so that they can easily find their document whatever the PC they use.

What am I missing ?

Thks for your support.


ok ok just found the mystery (several days I am looking for it) : this is an ergonomy issue :

By default when I click on the Retrieve tab I am already in the _second_ step of the process, where the Volume is already selected (and by default it matches the computer on which I am), but suddenly I noticed the BACK button on the lower left hand corner !!

If I ckick on this BACK button, then I am abel to select any of the volumes, including the ones from another PC.

WD, it is nice to make things simpler for most users but this over-simplification has some drawbacks as soon as users attempt to do something special, what a waste of time for me !

For me the default screen when clicking on the Retrieve tab should be the very 1st screen, the one where you can select from which volume you want to restore files.

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this is the way you can access the backed up volumes…

I had some trouble find it the first time as well…

sounds like a good idea to suggest on the ideas page