My Book Live not showing on network

I have used this external drive for over 10 years with no problems. It is currently showing up on the network and is accessible on two computers (Win 10 & Win 11). I recently acquired a new Dell laptop (Win 11). Sometimes I can see My Book Live on the new laptop but usually not.
When I access it I can not view it as in “windows explorer.” I believe the view is the dashboard - how do I change this to be able to view the files?

Additional Information:
I downloaded Free File Sync and My Book Live does not show as available on this program.
For some reason it shows fine in file explorer (network), but not in any “sync file” program.

Hi @mactoolsix,

My Book Live can be accessed when the device is powered on and connected to computer using the Ethernet cable for direct access.

An Ethernet cross-over cable is not required.

The computer and the My Book Live must be configured for DHCP.
If you are unaware of the My Book Live IP address settings, perform a 4 second reset.

Windows 10 troubleshooting assistance, please refer to Enable Windows Network Discovery, please refer to .

Hi, suggestions for a Windows Surface user? There’s no ethernet port for this laptop. I used to be able to connect to my MyBookLive drive over my home network and I can get to the admin page in my browser, but when I use File Explorer to discover the drive, it’s not being found.