My Book Live interfering with network

When I connect the My Book Live (2TB) to my Linksys router, it functions normally, with access/backup, etc. however it is interfering with my network in an odd way.  The drive seems to interfere with normal network traffic … some traffic is allowed but secure sites like banking/email etc do not come up due to lack of a security certificate, and WD2GO is in the error msg that Firefox presents. The same effect is seen on all computers on my network including iPhone devices (which allow App traffic but not secure website traffic).

HOWEVER, this problem completely goes away if I do one of two things… 1) Unsecure the wireless network OR 2) Disconnect the drive from the router.

i have tried changing the router ip from (to to see if that would resolve any conflict but that did nothing.

Any suggestions? thanks

Hello: I do not know if this is helpful, but recently disconnected the drive from the Router and plugged it directly into the DSL Box that preceeds the Router (which itself is pluged into one of the parallel ports of the same DSL Box).  The reason I disconnected from the Router is because I too was having difficulty in having the My Book Live even recognize the existence of the Router, which is a high end D-LINK 655.  WD needs to seriously get fixes for this issue, and others, because before I commit many hours to the transfer of files I need to know (through testing of smaller packets) whether I wasted my initial investment on a product that appears to be not as sound and reliable - as well as versitile and user friendly -  as I had expected it to be from the advertisments I have read.


…somewhere in the land of OZ… :smiley:  

Yup, you wasted your initial investment on a piece of garbage. Sorry to be blunt, but at least Im being honest.

I too have a DIR-655 with the MBL happily connected for 2 years w/o issue.  All of a sudden it duplicated IP’s with a second access gateway (Apple Airport Express) and started to flake out.  I removed everything, rebooted, updated firmware…no IP being assigned to the MBL.  Like you said, it’s like it doesn’t exist.

I have a Comcast cable modem coming into house with an uplink port that goes to the D-Link router.  Would it make any sense to try and connect the MBL directly to the modem?  As it is I’m close to thinking the **bleep** thing is bricked and I’ll be ripping the drive out of it.  Link lights all come up but IP just isn’t being assigned.