My book live installed OK. Cant view USB HDD

HI All

I have managed to install my 2TB My book live and everything seems to be OK, copying and viewing files etc.

However when I connect my old USB hard drive it shows up in expolrer (E:) but says its empty.

I’m using Windows 8.1

If I connect the old HDD to another (Win XP)  laptop I can view and access the files no problem.

Any ideas ?



Hi andypgill, where are you connecting the USB drive, since your My Book Live model doesn’t have USB ports. 

Hi. It’s my old USB drive I’m connecting via USB not my book live. My book live works fine however usb drive shows as blank. On old win xp laptop old USB drive shows all the files

Hi again, it is possible that the files are hidden, check the link below for some steps you can try.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem.

My old (USB) drive is a My Book Pro. As I say it was working fine on my Win 8.1 laptop until I installed my book live and it still works fine on my old Win XP laptop which doesn’t connect to my book live.

Hi again, honestly the fact that you installed a My Book Live on your network should have no relation with the My Book not showing your files. Have you tried changing the drive letter from the disk management? If not follow the steps from the link below. Let me know if the problem continues.

Have changed the drive letter still get the same.

This is what I get when I first plug in.

When I go into the drive it lists the files but I cant access them, then when I go back I get this (drive size etc gone).