My Book Live Initialising please wait

I know other people have had this problem but not many recently.
I got it after WD software suggested I do a firmware update so I could get remote access working properly. The firmware failed but since then I can’t logon because I get the above message. Eventually I decided to follow the instructions on How to unbrick a dead MBL which all seemed to go well. When I finally Discovered it again I could see the name and IP address had changed but when I try to log onto it… the dreaded Initialising message is back.

Ant ideas what I can try next. I’ve tried logging on via Firefox and IE


Fixed it, all I needed to do was switch it off at the plug. Switch it backon with the button pressed in and it all came up. All my data was still there so all in all I’m happy.

Just need to get it back in the case now



Thank you for taking the time to post the solution to your issue.