My book live hangs laptop when accessing via WD2Go

I am using a 3TB Mybook Live with the updated firmware and connected to an Apple Time Capsule.

I am trying to get WD2go to work properly however any file transfer I attempt just seems to hang and never actually transfer. I see the files in the folders but when I try to open them or drag them to the laptop I am using WD2Go on, it just hangs the laptop or just keeps showing the hourglass.

I don’t know how to set UPnP on the time capsule, or are there other settings I need to set?

Can anybody help? I am not prolific with the laptop so step-by-step instruction would help tremendously.


Your first problem is time capsule: Get a REAL router.

Now, if you are on a local network then why on earth are you using WD2go? You can just drag the file to the MBL on Finder o.o