My Book Live freeze while nightly backup using Windows Backup

Hi all,

i have a new My Book Live and using it only for saving a backup from my small business server 2011 at home. I have a Gigabit network and using the default windows server backup tools creating a complete system backup with volume shadow copy.

Tthe problem is that the backup prosess starts and randomly crashes after few gigabytes writing. the My Book Live ist then not accessable over http or fileshare. Only Ping works. i have no idea what to do, i disabled all media services etc. to give the my book live more resources. i also tryed to manually set my server to 100 Mbit and try to backup (i thought maybe the network is to fast ) without any success.

The device only comes back after a manuall reset, the systemstate ist mentioned as “good”.

Any Help is welcome! Thank you!!!

Hello and welcome,

Check if you have the latest firmware update installed. If the problem continues, try connecting the My Book directly to the PC and try doing the backup again. Click on the link below for the steps to update the firmware.

How to update the firmware on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo

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Thank you for the reply,

the firmware ist the latest. Webupdate says that the newest firmware is installed.

It is not possible to connect the My Book live directly to the PC because of safety reasons the harddrive has to be placed in a different room (fire safety). There is only an unmanaged 1GB  Switch in use. Please advice.

Thank you

To see if the problem is related to Windows Backup or the My Book, you can also try to copy a big file manually to verify if the same problem happens again. Another option would be to use a static IP for the My Book, this usually gives you a more stable connection. Click on the link below for more information.

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