My book live firmware issue and WD Phone number

I bought a new computer and cannot download the firmware for My book Live. I keep getting a message that it is unavailable and to retry later. I have emailed WD, twice, but have gotten no response. Can anyone help ? what I really want is a phone number for WD support so I can talk to a live person…

Hi Tommyboyks,

We have sent you a message. Please check your Community Message Inbox.

Hmm, maybe the problem is with your computer. I mean, I had such a situation once. I couldn’t download any app and I couldn’t open some of my old ones. Firstly, I thought it wasn’t updated, then I thought I did smth wrong. Till the end, I foud=nd out that my computer was hacked. The way it was hacked was interesting :smiley: Being on the same Icloun with the phone, my mac was hacked by the number which called me from a different phone area code or smth like this. Since then I always check on US Area CODES to check the number that calls me.