My Book Live - estimates > 8 days required for backup, has never successfully completed backup

I bought my new 3Tb My Book Live 2 weeks ago.  The salesman told me it was just the ticket, simple to use and big enough for all my data.  He did not ask me what version of Windows I use to point out to me that Windows Backup will not recognise a network drive (Windows 7 Home Premium).  My HDD is currently about 950Gb.  I plugged the LAN cable into my Netcomm NB9WMAXX router and set up the My Book relatively easily.  The computer sees the drive on the network, and I was able to connect my Android tablets via WD2Go.  Then I installed the WD Smartware on my PC and thats when things went pear shaped.  It took several attempts to install. Eventually I got it working and started a backup using WD Smartware. About 4 days into the backup it had managed to save about 350Gb and then Windows reset itself and the backup crashed.  I started it again to find that it got stuck at 2.5Gb and would not progress past this point despite reinstalling the software and rebooting the computer.  I gave up on WD Smartware, and installed Acronis True Image Home.  Acronis seems to be a much better software package, but it also estimated about 8 days to backup my HDD. This time at 5 days, Windows suffered a blue screen and shut down - so that backup failed as well.  I’ve tried again and this time it has reported another error.  

I’m ready to give up and take the My Book Live back to the store.  I’ve read a number of the other posts about slow connections… and quite frankly I’m not a network expert and I don’t see that I should have to be to troubleshoot my drive.  My router is about 4 years old and so may not be overly fast … but is 8 days to back up 950Gb reasonable?? Assuming I ever get a backup process to finish!

I don’t wish to replace my router, it is working quite well in all other respects.  So far as I can see I’d be better off taking this one back and getting a normal USB drive instead.   

Any advice appreciated.

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