My Book live duo

Hello. I have My book live duo. I formated two harddrives.But now i decided to make it work on network. I found out that operation was located on harddrives. So i bought another harddrive and copied operation system. First three volumes. The fourth is data volume, but i don’t know which format do i need to create it. RIght now i’m getting Data Volumes failed to Mount. How do i fix it. I can ssh. Please help

wrong forum… try the Duo forum…

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To answer your question, the data partition is EXT4.

Do i need to setup a flag? RAID flag for that partition?

And how do i mount that volume to operation system so it can point to this partition as Data volume? 

If you were able to copy the OS, then do a factory restore just so it comes clean, then rebuild the RAID from scratch.

How do i rebuild RAID from scratch. ? I know very little about linux. Please give ex or code that i enter in SSH. Thank you.

If the drive is booting up and the OS is loading, you should be able to just install the 2nd drive and let the OS handle the RAID rebuild.

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I left for 24 hours, its 2x3TB harddirves. When I get to dash board, its saying initializing. For 24 hrs. Can’t do anyting while its initializing. Do you know why? Why its taking so long?

Looks like you didn’t recreate the first HD correctly.   If one disk is working fine, it boots immediately – within 2-3 minutes.

I used steps from this link

But lets say i want to make one hard drive to work. How do i mount a datavoulme? Can you point how or tell how? than you.