My Book Live Duo Setup & Backup Issues

 When trying to connect my My Book Live Duo using the Setup software, my Live Duo is recognised but I cannot proceed any further as I get the message:

“To setup this MyBook Live Duo, you must update it to the latest firmware update”

Using the Dashboard to attempt to update I get the message that it is running the latest firmware update (MyBookLiveDuo 02.31.08-067 : Core F/W).  A similar problem with the WD SmartWare™ backup software - it recognises my PCs drives, but not my Live Duo and I’m therefore unable to manage backups in any way.

I’ve manually mapped it on my (MS Vista) PC and can see it as an extra drive and can drop files to it and can access them on my PC and also on my iPad using the iOS app.   I’ve converted it to RAID1.

I spoke with the WD helpdesk about this but they were unable to help.  Any assistance would be appreciated.



Hi, be sure to click on the my book icon from the smartware home tab. If that doesn’t work, if you updated smartware to the latest version after installing it, uninstall it and then install the version that came with the my book and try again without doing any updates.