My Book Live Duo Has a Red Led, What to Do?

Hello everybody,

I have 4Tb hard desk connected in network, and I notice the Led become red today. user guide say this mean 4 or 5 possiable error. I go to setting --> storage and I see the desk A had good status, but B is failed. When I installed the hard desk before one year I have not change any setting so the default setting is Maximum Capacity I think not Maximum Protection. I read in some topics in my case all data now is deleted and I can not recovery any data.

Please Please Please help me. is there any posibility to recover my data using any method you know.


Unfortunately, RAID 0 (Stripe) and variations (Span) do not offer fault tolerance in case of an individual disk failure in the array, which means stored data is potentially unrecoverable by RAID array design. For this very same reason it is highly advisable to keep an active backup (Defining “backup” as parallel copies available in separate locations) at all times in order to minimize potential data loss in a RAID 0 or a Span array configuration.

I would suggest contacting a professional and specialized data recovery company for analysis and examination. You can obtain a list of preferred partners from the following link: