My Book Live Duo 4Tb and local access


I have My Book Live Duo 4Tb and the latest update was made “Sat 27 Jun 2015”. The device worked correctly for years until naw. I can not access the data on my device for a few days via the local environment, for example. \ \ diviceIP…

I reset my device but device does not work correctly.

The device responds via:

  • diviceIP/U /
  • cmd => ping diviceIP
  • ftp

The device not responds via:

  • windows explorer => \ \ diviceIP

Help me :wink:

I am the only one with this problem? :wink:

There was some changes in Windows, OS now prevent insecure guest authentication. I would recommend to update registry.

Go to REGEDIT and Copy/Paste:

AllowInsecureGuestAuth … set Value to “1”