My Book Live dead after software update

I have a My Book Live, has been working fine for several months, but noticed a new software update was available when logged into the web admin interface.  I initiated the update and the system showed the updated occurred normally and was rebooting, so I waited 10 mins for it to come back.  Nothing.  Cycled power on it, and still can’t access it.  It no longer shows up on my netowrk and the WD Discovery tools cannot find it.  After power is applied, the front LED blinks and eventually goes to a solid green light and after a few mins, starts blinking at a regular rate.  The ethernet connection appears to be good, the amber light is constant and the green light blinks to indicate traffic on the cable. 

I then used a paper clip to perform a hard reset via the button on the back, still no luck after 20 mins. 

Any ideas?  Stinks that WD’s updates can make it hang and you have no support after 30 days.

mcburton99 wrote:

… I waited 10 mins for it to come back.  Nothing.  Cycled power on it…

Well, for one thing, 10 minutes is not likely long enough, and pulling the power may have disrupted the upgrade.

Often, that’s shown by an LED fault indication, but it may have upgraded enough that it can actually boot the OS, but not the rest of the drive.

Did you check the LEDs before you pulled the power?

Thank you for the reply!  You are absolutely correct, I reapplied power and let it sit for 20 - 30 mins and was finally able to access the interface.  All seems to be well now.