My Book Live - Compatibility Q with O2 Router and AirPort Express


Before I make the purchase of the 3TB My Book Live, I have a question about the compability as I currently having problems with the My Book World Edition.

My router is supplied by O2, I have disabled the wireless as there was a problem with the signal, thr router is etherneted into an AirPort Express, making the internet wirelss. Into the AE my printer is plugged (don’t think that’s relivant).  When I ethernet the My Book World Edition into the O2 Router, nothing appears on the Macs.  The drive does work, have plugged it directly into the Mac and it appears.

Will this new drive have the same compatibility problems?? 

aside from maybe having to update the drive if you’re using lion, and the mbl doesn’t have the latest firmware that makes it lion compatible, then it should work better than the mbw.  I would make sure to follow the user guide for setting it up on your mac network.  I have a feeling you’re not doing something right to be able to see the mbw.  also, if you are using lion on one or all of the macs, make sure the my book world is updated with the latest firmware also.