My book live as a Ethernet drive?

Since I control the media with my laptop and no other users need access to the drive…would it be a better pro forming nas if I did a direct connect to my pc with a cable and a gigabit switch. My book live is slow via wifi and I believe it would pro form better if I did the connection direct. If that’s a better way to approach this nas what switch would I need and finally how do I approach my iTunes library again…do I have to go through the file exchange process again with iTunes?

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Hi there, page 112 of the MBL user manual (117 if you seek the whole PDF) states you can connect it directly to your computer with no issues… So yes, it should give you a better performance that way.

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Thanks so much for the reply. I’m loving my wd MBL. It does stream well but does take time to access my files and is slower then when I had my media natively on my pc. Having said that I think I’ll try to connect direct to my pc via a adaptor. From what I’ve read it will give me a greater transfer speed which is more like having the files natively on my pc. I found this on the web for those interested in trying this. I do have a question that you may be able to answer. Being that I will connect directly to my pc and my pc recognizes it as a drive that is connected directly , will MBL still act as it does if it was connected to my dsl router? guess what I’m asking is that it does not matter where the drive is in the network and acts the same but my transfer speeds are greater. ThNks again for the help!

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