My Book Live appears to cause Windows 7 computer to run very slowly

I have owned a 2TB My Book Live for a while now and generally have been very happy with its performance.  It is running the latest software.  I do not have any Western Digital supplied software on my computers and acces the MBL via the Smaba share to take back ups.  What I have noticed is that if I have the MBL powered up, my Windows 7 (64 bit) computer will at some point (certainly not immediately but perhaps after being put into and returned from standby) start to run very slowly; programs very slow to start up (minutes instead of seconds); saving documents from email failing etc.  CPU usage is fairly normal and Task Manager doesn’t show any abnormal processes running.  Rebooting the computer with the MBL still powered up, brings up the slow behavior immediately.  Shutting down the MBL does not cause the slow behaviour to stop immediately but a further reboot does fix the problem.  A Linux computer (Centos 5.7) on the same network is not affected and can transfer files to the MBL at a respectable rate whilst the Windows box is running slowly.  I have done a fair bit of Googling and can’t find a solution.  I do have some relatively uncommon software installed (VirtualBox, ANSYS finite element software, Delphi etc) but none of these are active when the problem occurs.  I am quite happy to debug this myself but have completely run out of ideas.  Anybody have any thoughts?

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Definitively some kind of software or process running, in W7 or the MBL, or both, is causing the slowness.  You may contact WD support and ask your case to be handled by their advanced support.