My Book Live and Windows 8

I have been running My Book Live, to back up 4 PC’s (Win7) and use it as a network drive. The App even lets me run music and photos to my TV. Along come Win 8, and I have a little problem. Everthing installed OK, but, when I set the Backup, it will only allow access to One share - and that one has already been used. All settings are open and public … No passwords. I can READ that the other shares are there … just cannot access them. Also, there is an icon for the My Book in the Device Mgr (although it isn’t really a Device) … there is a little yellow triangle next to it.  Code 10 error, Unable to Start. Anyone else seeing anything like that? It does a good back-up … to the Share that it can access … so it is just a quirk that I am curious about.

Hello, your problem looks like this one, I think WD should be working on a fix for the next firmware.